PEP pioneers: Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu

December 2022

This week, we're spotlighting the contributions of Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu to PEP, who is a key figure in the organization's history.

The success of PEP has been a collective effort. In recognition, we are publishing a series of articles spotlighting the dedicated people who have contributed to PEP's development and how their contributions have enabled us to support locally-led development in the Global South for over 20 years.

Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu

Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu is the archetypal PEP success story! Initially leading PEP's first-ever research project, she evolved to become a core resource person and eventually the first African research director of PEP's macro-micro development policy modeling group from 2018-2021. During this time, she contributed to a number of PEP projects as a researcher and mentor. 

In addition to her work with PEP, Margaret has also held other influential positions, including her current role as Dean of the University of Pretoria's Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and her previous position as Executive Director of the Economic Performance and Development programme at South Africa's Human Sciences Research Council. 

It should also be mentioned that her husband, Ramos Mabugu, is also a key figure in PEP's history. He has served as a researcher, resource person and PEP research fellow, and led PEP's second-ever research project!

Margaret Chitiga

"I am so grateful to PEP for all the opportunities they have given me. I am particularly grateful for the intensive mentoring and training I received as a relatively young researcher. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to do the same for other upcoming young researchers while the MPIA Director at PEP."

— Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu


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