Common themes emerged from the perspectives of researchers supported under the PAGE I initiative (2012-2016), following the evaluation of their countries’ priority issues.
FIndings from their studies, conducted throughout the Global South, are compared and summarized in the following articles:


Analyse de situation: Profil de l'équité et de la pauvreté des enfants et des femmes au Burkina Faso en 2010
Une étude commanditée par UNICEF (IN FRENCH ONLY)


Fiscal Space and Public Spending on Children in Burkina Faso (final report)
A UNICEF-commissioned study

Aussi disponible EN FRANÇAIS: Espace fiscal et dépenses publiques pour les enfants au Burkina Faso


PEP-UNICEF Collaborations: Producing Evidence to Help Improve Child Well-being in Developing Countries
While building and promoting local expertise on child-related issues


Assessing the Impacts of the Global Financial Crisis and Appropriate Policy Responses in Asia;
Case Studies of Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines


Investing in Public Infrastructure: An Effective Inclusive Growth Strategy?
Evidence from China, Pakistan and the Philippines


PEP-MPIA Network: the Growing Family of PEP Standard CGE Models
Cutting-Edge Developments, Open-Source Dissemination, Timely Modeling Applications


Global Financial Crisis:
Providing a Local Perspective on the Poverty Impacts in Developing Countries

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