Long-term partnership agreement to support UNICEF's work on social policy and social protection reform in the MENA region

PEP has been selected, amongst several international bidders, to sign a long-term partnership agreement with the Regional Office of UNICEF MENA (Middle East and North Africa), through which PEP engages to provide a variety of relevant services in support of UNICEF’s work on social policy and social protection reform in the region.

Given PEP’s extensive experience in conducting and/or supporting similar activities (high-quality scientific policy analysis, capacity building and networking of local expertise in developing countries, policy outreach and advocacy, etc.), previous collaborations with UNICEF (expertise in child-focused analysis) as well as its developed network and linkages with national researchers and institutions in the region, PEP’s consultancy will provide UNICEF with the means and potential to transform MENA countries’ policies and budget allocations, on the basis of high-quality and locally-owned analyses.

This agreement will allow UNICEF to utilize PEP’s multi-faceted expertise and services, as well as to tap into PEP’s pool of international leading experts, to help fulfil its mandate of addressing the paucity of knowledge, local expertise and research engagement around child welfare issues in MENA countries, as well as to promote evidence-based policymaking in favour of child well-being. The agreed partnership encompasses three different types of activities to help achieve different UNICEF objectives in terms of research, capacity building and networking in the region:

  • Analysis of policy alternatives to enhance equity for children in the context of the reform of fuel subsidies
  • Organization of a regional training course on “Multidimensional Child Poverty and Inequality Measurement”
  • Organization of a UNICEF-PEP regional conference on the issue of “equity and children” in MENA countries

For more information regarding previous and current collaborations between PEP and UNICEF, see : Producing Evidence to Help Improve Child Well-being in Developing Countries.

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