January 28, 2008
(Offered only to Philippine Participants)

Overview and Objectives

As a tested system to generate statistics in the local level, Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) has been employing the use of computerized software and simple GIS to analyze and disseminate results and findings through the CSPro, Statistics Simulator (StatSim) and Natural Resources Database (NRDB). This special course on CBMS StatSim is part of the capacity building program for CBMS partners. In particular, this course aims to build the capacity of CBMS implementations in using the software in generating the indicators and statistics from the CBMS data.
This training course is designed primarily for participants who have undergone complete training on CBMS Computerized Data Processing System (Modules 2 and 3).  This aims to refresh and widen participants’ knowledge and skills to generate basic computerized outputs and statistics from the CBMS process, enhance competency in database management, and recognize the important role of this technology in data generation, analysis and dissemination of statistical information.
Specifically, the sessions are designed to equip participants with knowledge on:
1.     StatSim and its basic capabilities
2.     CSPro Crosstabs and its basic capabilities
3.     Generating reports and outputs
4.     Analyzing outputs of the Statsim and CSPro Crosstabs
5.     Customizing outputs such as tabulations, lists and summaries.
Requirements for the participants
1.     Must be familiar with the CBMS Process and CBMS Data Processing System software
2.     Must be computer literate—Windows Explorer, MS Excel, and File Management
Data requirements
1.     Encoded data (ASCII)

Registration Fee

      P1,000 per day (covering snacks, lunch and training materials)


8:00 AM Registration
Invocation, introduction to participants, and overview of the activities of the day
Training Overview
Discussion on the description of the software and major roles in the computerized system StatSim -
Starting-up the Statistics Simulator (StatSim)
A.     Initiating
B.     Importing encoded data given a data dictionary
C.     Processing of core indicators
D.     Matching of cases


Displaying CBMS indicator tables
A.     Readily processed indicator tables
B.     Customizing indicator tables
C.     Interpreting data in the indicator tables
D.     Exporting data

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch

Customization of tables, listing and summaries
A.     Listing of cases
B.     Tabulating frequencies/Cross tabulations
C.     Linking tables
Cross Tabulations using CSPro


Special topics
A.     Batch processing
B.     Networking
C.     Structured Query Language

5:00 PM Wrap-up



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