Rural renewable energy MSMEs operating to modernize agriculture in Sub Saharan Africa and South-East Asia

PEP has partnered with Environment for Development (EfD) for a three-year initiative, "Leveraging renewable energy MSMEs for sustainable agriculture in SSA and SEA" This project aims to generate robust evidence to inform policy reforms that foster resilience, adaptation to climate change, and inclusivity in the agricultural sector, particularly for women and youth in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda, and Vietnam. 

By empowering rural micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) operating in the agricultural sector in each target country, this initiative aims to advance the use of renewable energy technologies to modernize agriculture while promoting inclusivity and addressing climate change issues in these regions.

PEP and EfD will support in-country project teams comprising local researchers and stakeholders. These teams will engage with policymakers and practitioners, conduct rigorous evaluations, and design strategies tailored to each country's unique needs and circumstances.

The teams will focus on several key objectives:
  1. Understand how MSMEs can contribute to a shift towards sustainable energy by adopting climate adaptation strategies that heavily rely on scalable renewable energy technologies.
  2. Identify factors that enable the inclusion of women and youth in MSMEs that have incorporated renewable energy interventions into their operations
  3. Engage local stakeholders, including public policy decision-makers, to raise their awareness about the benefits of implementing our context-specific policy recommendations.

The project teams will work closely with local institutions, agricultural MSMEs, and organizations working to advance renewable energy applications in the agricultural sector. Through this project, teams will provide evidence-based recommendations for local and national decision-making to help shape evidence-informed decisions.

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