Training materials for microeconomic analysis

This page provides links to training materials made available, free of charge, related to the research, techniques and tools fostered by PEP through the Microeconomic non-experimental analysis program.

  • If you would like to cite this page, we suggest the following formulation: The Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) Microeconomic Analysis training material page.
  • In addition to the training material below, PEP also provides lists of recommended readings on various themes under “recommended readings

Non-experimental impact evaluations

Poverty/distributive analysis


STATA Guides   Stata Preliminary | Learning Stata | Resources for learning Stata

SSCC: Stata for Researchers: Introduction

DASP (Distributional Analysis Stata Package)

DAD Software (Distributional Analysis/Analyse Distributive)

UCLA “starting kit” on Stata

Courses & Training

Note that PEP offers a series of online training courses on the following subjects:

  • Policy Impact Analysis
  • Computable General Equilibrium Modelling
  • Measuring and Alleviating Poverty and Inequality
  • Gender Analysis in Economic Policy Research 

Courses and training


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