Poverty and distributional analysis

Distributional Analysis Stata Package (DASP) 

A free tool to help researchers and policy analysts conduct distribution of living standards analysis using Stata.

Key features:

  • Estimate the most popular statistics (indices, curves) for poverty, inequality, social welfare, and equity analysis
  • Estimate the differences in these kinds of statistics
  • Estimate standard errors and confidence intervals by taking full account of survey design;
  • Support distributive analysis on more than one database
  • Perform the most popular distributive decomposition procedures
  • Check for the ethical robustness of distributive comparisons
  • Unify syntax and parameter use across various estimation procedures for distributive analysis

DASP website


Distributional Analysis/Analyse Distributive (DAD)

Free software to facilitate the analysis and the comparisons of social welfare, inequality, poverty and equity across distributions of standard living. 

Key features:

  • To estimate a large number of indices and curves (useful for distributive comparisons)
  • Provides asymptotic standard errors to enable statistical inference

DAD website


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