Remittances, Entrepreneurship and Local Development'

Remittances, Entrepreneurship and Local Development

Project Duration: November 2012-March 2013


The research initiative is a technical collaboration between the CBMS Network Office of DLSU-AKI, Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which generally aims to examine how overseas remittances contribute to local development.  The pilot study covers selected CBMS sites in the Philippines. In particular, the project examines the nature and extent of impacts of overseas remittances to improvements in development conditions at the local level. It aims to provide empirical evidence at the micro level on the relationship between overseas remittances and entrepreneurship development. Moreover, it examines how entrepreneurship development among communities brought about by overseas remittances affect human development outcomes. The study utilizes existing household level data from the community-based monitoring system (CBMS) in selected sites complimented with relevant data from national surveys and other sources.   Expected outputs of the project include the following:

  1. Research Paper on the impacts of overseas remittances on entrepreneurship and local development in the Philippines: A Review of Existing Data and Related Literature
  2. Case study of the impact of remittances on entrepreneurship and local development in 2 CBMS sites with diverse local industries
  3. Conduct of focus group discussions, and key informant interview of local enterprises


Project Outputs

 Research Papers

Final Report


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