Policy outreach committee

The purpose of the PEP Policy Outreach Committee (POC) is to ensure that each project supported through the PEP “Grant Plus” research support program is relevant for and communicated strategically to country-specific policy stakeholders and needs.

The POC is composed external experts in policy uptake, with support from senior PEP staff in communications and monitoring and evaluation - see below. In addition to advising priorities for policy-relevant research agendas, POC members are also assigned as mentors to PEP-funded research teams, to advise in the design and implementation of effective policy engagement and communication strategies.

Christian Arnault Emini

Christian Arnault Emini

PEP Research Fellow, Research Fellow Representative, Resource Person - Macro/Modeling Group, Policy Outreach Advisor

Senior Lecturer, Université Yaoundé II
Senior Economic Adviser, Prime Minister's Office, Cameroon

Marjorie Alain

Marjorie Alain

Director, Engagement, Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation

Policy Outreach Committee - Coordinator

Headshot of Lucas Ronconi

Lucas Ronconi

PEP Research Fellow, Policy Outreach Committee

Professor of Economics,
Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET,


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