Local evidence
for local solutions

In-country development challenges require locally-devised solutions.

At PEP, we believe that evidence produced from an 
in-country perspective by empowered and engaged local researchers results in:

  • better policy choices,
  • more sustainable development outcomes,
  • more inclusive policy debates.

Our vision

A world in which every country has the local evidence and expertise it needs to make decisions about its own future

Our mission

To promote Southern-driven development where policy decisions are informed by high-quality, locally-generated evidence

To achieve this, we:
  • Support the work of local researchers in developing countries, while strengthening their capacity and promoting their findings worldwide.
  • Facilitate engagement and collaborative working between researchers and policymakers at the national level.
  • Bring together researchers from across the globe, creating a space for learning, knowledge-sharing and discussion.

What we do and how we do it

We produce and promote high-quality research

Through our unique Grant Plus program, we support the work of local researchers, generating new and reliable evidence on a variety of development issues.

We promote their findings through our global platform and publication series, and help share their work in prestigious journals and conferences.

We build bridges between research and policy

We facilitate collaboration between local researchers and stakeholders to produce contextualized, policy-relevant evidence. We foster best practices in policy engagement and communication to increase evidence use.

We strengthen the capacity of local researchers in developing countries

Through our training and mentorship program, international experts help local researchers strengthen their expertise in advanced methodologies while developing a comprehensive skillset for policy analysis and outreach.

We boost project impact

PEP projects inform policymaking and lead to increased visibility and career advancement for local researchers. We support teams to promote evidence use within local institutions and through public engagement via national events and the media.

We create connections

The PEP network unites researchers from across the globe for a common purpose. We provide developing-country researchers with the opportunity to connect with peers around the world for knowledge-sharing, learning and discussion.

Our impact    

Our reach

350+ projects in 64 countries                     1150+ local researchers trained

                40% in low-income/fragile contexts                         50% women


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