PEP national policy conference in Argentina : « Poverty, Inequality and Ethnicity; Recent Experience in Latin America”

La Plata, Argentina – December 14, 2012

On December 14, 2012, a group of researchers from the Center for Distributive, Labor and Social Studies (CEDLAS) of Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in Argentina, organized a national conference to present a series of five (5) recently published research papers, including from PEP-supported projects, around issues of “poverty, inequality and ethnicity, and related recent experience in Latin America”.

Find out more about the issues through publications from the PEP-supported research project:

Are there ethnic inequality traps in education in Latin America?
Empirical evidence for Brazil and Chile

See also the Conference Program – and note that each of the papers’ PowerPoint presentations can be made available (in Spanish) upon request by email at

Guillermo Cruces, Marcelo Bérgolo, Maria Laura Alzua, Martin Cicowiez, Leonardo Gasparini and Roxana Maurizio were the local PEP researchers involved, and the event was organized in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) of Brazil – the largest government research institution (think tank) on economics and related issues in Brazil and in Latin America. 

In fact, the objective of the event was, first, to present and discuss results from research led to examine such issues in Brazil, and then to raise awareness of the existence and aspects of ethnicity issues in Argentina and other countries of the region, where they have less visibility in public policy  and academic analysis.

The audience, which actively participated and commented the presented results and policy implications, was composed of academics, but also government representatives and members of the general public.

As a result of contacts made during the conference, PEP researchers were later called upon by government officials, working in the area of public spending, to support and participate in the incorporation of gender and ethnic dimensions in the government’s policy evaluation work.

Click on the images below to view recorded videos of the presentation (in Spanish) of their research papers by PEP researcher Leonardo Gasparini (also Director at CEDLAS) and Sergei Soares, IPEA's president chief of staff.

Leonardo Gasparini:
Tendencias Recientes de la Pobreza y la Desigualdad en América Latina (play video)
Sergei Soares:
Pobreza, Desigualdad y Etnicidad: Tendencias y Políticas Públicas en Brasil (play video)

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