Santiago Levy is stepping down after serving on PEP’s Board for six years

March 15, 2024

PEP thanks Santiago Levy for his six years of dedicated service to the organisation as a member of the Board of Directors.

We sincerely thank Dr. Santiago Levy Algazi for giving six years of dedicated service to the Partnership for Economic Policy as a member of our Board of Directors.

Since joining the Board in March 2018, Dr. Levy has been very active member.  Dr. Levy offered his significant experience as both an economics expert and high-level policymaker to help drive PEP forwards. He provided deep insight and guidance, particularly in matters related to strategy, institutional development, finance, and capacity building.

“He may be stepping down from the Board but Santiago’s influence on PEP as an organisation and its future will continue to be felt for many more years. During his mandate, he helped ensure the stability and sustainability of PEP, driving us forward in our mission,” said Chair of the Board, Prof. Carol Newman.

PEP’s Executive Director, Prof. Jane Mariara, echoed these sentiments. She said: “We are very grateful for the lasting contributions that Santiago has made to PEP during his tenure with us, from helping to forge new partnerships to identifying upcoming priority research themes.”

As a member of the Board, he served on the Partnership Committee for five years, including three as Chair of the committee (2019-2022). Upon stepping down as Chair of the Partnership Committee, he immediately took on the role of Treasurer in the Finance and Audit Committee.

He also provided key contributions to two of PEP’s flagship events.

At PEP’s 2019 Policy Conference, Dr. Levy delivered the keynote presentation. He drew on his vast experience of policymaking and policy analysis—in particular, his time at the Ministry of Finance of Mexico where he was the main architect of Progresa, Mexico’s incentive-based education, health, and nutrition program for the poor—to deliver an engaging presentation on Integrating Policy Evaluation into Policy Design. Watch on YouTube.

He was also a panellist during PEP’s 2023 Policy Conference on the theme of “Increasing the Participation of Southern Researchers in Development Economics Policy and Debates”. During the panel discussion, Dr. Levy led the conversation on the challenges facing Southern researchers and the concrete steps that can enhance the role of Southern researchers, particularly women, in development economics. Watch on YouTube.

Dr. Levy is stepping down as he has come to the end of his second consecutive three-year term, the maximum allowed by the organisation.

“I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Santiago for his contribution to PEP, on behalf of the Board as well as our staff and researchers,” said Prof. Newman.


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