PEP pioneers: Mustapha Nabli

December 2022

Highlighting the contributions of Mustapha Nabli, PEP's first Chairman of the Board.

The success of PEP has been a collective effort. In recognition, we are publishing a series of articles spotlighting the dedicated people who have contributed to PEP's development and how their contributions have enabled us to support locally-led development in the Global South for over 20 years.

Mustapha Nabli

Professor Mustapha Nabli was PEP's first Chairman of the Board (2013-2019), steering PEP through a critical stage in its history when it incorporated and set up headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Mustapha's experience as a professor, Minister of Planning and Regional Development, Governor of the Central Bank in Tunisia and Chief Economist and director of the World Bank's MENA Economic Department made him the ideal person to help define the establishment of PEP as a formal and independent institution. He was instrumental in establishing key internal policies, PEP's overall governance structure and core financial and administrative procedures. 

Mustapha was truly a PEP pioneer in creating the foundations for a healthy and successful future for the organization!


Mustapha Kamel Nabli


"When I was completing studies and started my research career in the late 1960s and early 1970s, research in economic development and policy advice in developing countries was mainly done by researchers and experts from advanced countries. My main objective throughout my career has been to reverse this situation. This was pursued through helping developing countries build their own capacity to undertake high-quality research and be able to provide sound and useful policy advice. It has been my central preoccupation whether as a teacher and professor, as a researcher, as a policymaker or as a supporter of research. My contribution to building PEP was part of that commitment, of which I am very proud. I am pleased to see PEP continuing its mission with such dedication and strong achievements".

— Mustapha Nabli



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