PEP pioneers: Hélène Maisonnave

March 2023

Recognizing Hélène Maisonnave, a distinguished member of PEP's alumni, whose wide-ranging contributions, such as co-authoring PEP standard models and launching the first Institutionalization Project in Mongolia, have been instrumental in shaping our organization's impact.

This article is part of a series showcasing the collaborative efforts behind PEP's accomplishments to recognize the dedicated individuals who have played an important role in our organization's achievements. For more than two decades, we have supported locally-led development in the Global South thanks to their contributions.

Hélène Maisonnave

Hélène Maisonnave boasts an extensive history with PEP, starting as a key mentor and resource person for our macro-micro development policy modeling group in 2007, before becoming its second-ever (and first female) director from 2012 to 2017. 

Hélène has made key contributions to PEP through her training, mentoring and research on a wide range of issues including gender, climate change, environment and natural resources, Covid-19, microsimulations, trade and fiscal policy. She is one of the co-authors of the PEP standard models and launched the first Institutionalization Project in Mongolia in 2016.

In her current position as Professor of Economics and director of the EDEHN (Equipe D'Economie – le Havre Normandie) research center at Le Havre Normandie University in France, she continues to be an active resource person and mentor within PEP.

Notably, her husband Martin Henseler also plays a crucial role at PEP, working as a resource person and assistant to the director since 2018.

Hélène Maisonnave

"I am very happy to be part of a network where capacity building is so important and which contributes to sharing knowledge. I have had the chance to meet and work with exceptional people, both resource persons and researchers. I am very happy that PEP’s Macro-micro policy modeling group is now led from South Africa by researchers from the South for researchers from the South."

— Hélène Maisonnave


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