PEP pioneers: Abdelkrim Araar

October 2022

Abdelkrim Araar is the longest-serving PEP resource person and continues to mentor and advise researchers with PEP.

The success of PEP has been a collective effort. In recognition, we are publishing a series of articles spotlighting the dedicated people who have contributed to PEP's development and how their contributions have enabled us to support locally-led development in the Global South for 20 years.

Abdelkrim Araar

Abdelkrim Araar is the longest-serving PEP resource person, dating back to PEP’s predecessor program, Micro Impacts for Macro and Adjustment Policies (MIMAP), in the late 1990s. 

He has acted as mentor, trainer and deputy director of PEP’s microeconomic analysis program, supporting countless teams. 

Karim is perhaps best known for his famous Distributive Analysis/Analyse Distributive (DAD) and Distributive Analysis Statistical Package (DASP) developed with Jean-Yves Duclos. Researchers throughout the world have used these two programs to study poverty and inequality.

The invaluable contributions and ongoing mentoring he has provided to PEP researchers have made a significant contribution to the organization's success.


Abdelkrim Araar


"PEP was initially an idea and a firm conviction of the possibility of its realization and its success. The philosophy on which the PEP network was built has its origins in the accumulated expertise of former North-South research cooperation programs, such as the PARADIS program, the MIMAP program, and the other programs, largely supported and funded by IDRC.

Even if the geographical scope and the forms of cooperation have thus evolved over time with the PEP network, the main objective remains the same—to strengthen the partnership and the involvement of researchers from the South in the design of efficient economic policies."

—  Abdelkrim Araar


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