PEP announces eight new Research Fellows in 2023

June 2023

PEP is pleased to announce its latest cohort of Research Fellows, aligning with efforts to increase the participation of researchers from developing countries in national and international development policies.

PEP is pleased to announce the addition of eight new Research Fellows for 2023.

Among the new Research Fellows include Asiya Maskaeva, Belal Nabeel Fallah, Blagica Petreski, Brais Alvarez Pereira, Eleni Yitbarek, Filipe Lage de Sousa, Jorge Pablo Puig, and Nkechi S. Owoo. These talented individuals are among the leading economic researchers in the developing world, having distinguished themselves through the high quality of their publications, research, training, teaching, conference participation, and grants.

Aligning with our mission of increasing the participation of researchers from developing countries in national and international development policy debates, the Research Fellows—through our expansive activities, including scientific and policy mentoring, training, research, policy events, international conferences, publications, and advising—will contribute to all aspects of PEP activities.

PEP Research Fellows are at the vanguard of efforts to combat the enduring marginalization of local researchers in scientific and policy discussions around their countries' economic development. In this critical role, the Fellows will play a key role in bridging this disparity by contributing to policy discourse and conducting thorough research.

PEP 2023 Research Fellows

(PEP 2023 Research Fellows, top from left, Nkechi S. Owoo, Jorge Pablo Puig, Filipe Lage de Sousa, and Blagica Petreski, bottom from left, Asiya Maskaeva, Belal Nabeel Fallah, Brais Alvarez Pereira, and Eleni Yitbarek). 

The researchers selected this year join the 20 existing PEP Research Fellows. Collectively, the Fellows have extensive experience in the four methodologies applied in PEP research and in a wide variety of thematic areas.


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