PEP Conference 2023: Increasing participation of southern researchers in development economics policy and debates

June 9, 2023 | Online

Join us on June 9th for the PEP 2023 International Policy Conference, where renowned experts will discuss ways to amplify the voices of Southern researchers in global development policy debates.

June 9, 2023  |  Watch Again

Join us on June 9, 2023, at the PEP 2023 International Policy Conference, where we will convene a panel of esteemed international development experts. We will engage in meaningful discussions to identify concrete actions that can enhance Southern participation in global development policy debates, with a particular emphasis on increasing the participation of women.

The historical underrepresentation of Southern researchers in the development field is a persistent issue. A recent PEP study revealed that a mere 10% of authors for World Bank (1978-2020) and UNDP (1990-2020) flagship reports reside in developing countries. Further, during 2020-21, PEP Research Fellows conducted a series of six studies exploring the involvement of Global South researchers in development economics research, policy, and consulting initiatives. They found, for example, that approximately 73% of articles published in the top 20 development journals between 1990 and 2019 were authored by Northern researchers.

In this same study, PEP Research Fellows noted that Southern researchers not only experienced fewer publication opportunities, but their articles also garnered fewer citations. Similarly, a mere 10% of presenters at the top five development conferences had affiliations with universities in developing countries. This disparity undermines the potential for context-specific public policies, which are crucial for addressing the unique socio-economic and cultural challenges in the Global South.

Local researchers and stakeholders possess invaluable firsthand experience and insights that can significantly enrich global economic development policy debates. By increasing the participation of Southern researchers and amplifying the work of women in the field, we can ensure the sustainability of policy prescriptions while fostering a more diverse, inclusive, and effective discourse on development.

Panelists include: 

pep conference speakers' headshots

  • Rose NgugiExecutive Director, Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis 
  • Rohinton MedhoraDistinguished Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation 
  • Santiago LevyThe Brookings Institution
  • Hanan MorsyChief Economist, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa 

By attending this conference, you will have the opportunity to contribute to creating a more equitable landscape in global development policy. We believe that everyone should have a voice in shaping the policies that impact their communities, and we're committed to ensuring that Southern perspectives are heard and valued.

This is a public event. 

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The insights gained from PEP Research Fellows' studies inspired our ongoing webinar series and our Call to Action, advocating for increased participation of Southern Researchers in economic development discussions. Over 80 esteemed economists have endorsed this call, which has collected over 180 signatures. We encourage you to support this initiative by adding your name and sharing it within your networks. 

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