Highlights from the 2022 PEP Annual Conference and Symposium

June 10, 2022 | Online

Highlights from the 2022 PEP Annual Conference and the Symposium celebrating PEP's "20 years of promoting Southern-driven development: impact, lessons, and next steps" are live

Over 200 international participants meet online for the 2022 PEP Annual Conference

Researchers, practitioners, international experts, representatives of donor and international organizations, and policy actors from around the world joined us online to participate in the 2022 PEP Annual Conference. 

Committed to providing training and peer-review opportunities while conscious of ongoing travel restrictions and the environmental impact of an in-person event, PEP held the Annual Conference online. Activities took place as half-day sessions between May 24 and June 10.

The three weeks of invite-only activities concluded with the public 2022 Symposium on PEP’s “20 years of promoting Southern-driven development:Impact, lessons and next steps” on June 10. 


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