Calling for subsidised goods and services for an inclusive pandemic recovery

August 23, 2022 | Accra, Ghana

A team of PEP researchers shared policy measures that could help the country recover from the Covid-19 pandemic at a national policy conference in Ghana.

August 23, 2022 – A team of local PEP researchers held a national policy conference to share their recommendations for promoting an inclusive recovery from the Covid-19 crisis in Ghana.

The team brought together 18 policy stakeholders and advisors, academics, representatives of civil society and the private sector for the event. The key policy stakeholders in attendance included representatives of the Ministries of Employment and Labour Relations and Education. 

Dr. Edgar Cooke and Edward Abrokwah presented the findings and recommendations from the team's PEP project investigating policy responses and interventions to promote inclusive adaptation to and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis in Ghana.

Dr. Cooke explained that the policies examined by the team had marginal effects on poverty reduction and were insufficient to prevent poverty from rising. He highlighted that additional policy measures better tailored to the distinct needs of specific populations, such as low-income groups and children, are needed to reduce poverty and increase public welfare.

He shared the team's findings that continuing to provide free electricity to lifeline consumers and relief programmes for the hardest-hit sectors are effective policies for pandemic recovery.  Furthermore, subsidizing goods and services primarily used by the poor would reach more households below the poverty line while minimizing government spending.

The team's presentation closed a panel discussion on Ghana's experience with the Covid-19 crisis and its policy responses.

Throughout the presentation, the audience showed great interest in the research and engaged in a lively discussion with the panelists.

In particular, Petrine Addae, a representative of the Ministry of Education, found the event informative and was interested in learning about the policy outcomes.  

The research team organized the event with financial and advisory support from PEP, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Global Affairs Canada. 

Ghana policy panel



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