Calling for improved coordination of Youth Employment Programs in Senegal

December 2022 | Senegal

PEP researchers presented findings from their evaluation of youth employment initiatives during a national policy conference in Senegal.

December 20, 2022 – A team of local PEP researchers presented their findings on the impact of youth employment initiatives at a national policy conference in Senegal.

Over 37 prominent figures in policy-making, academia, civil society, and the private sector were among the event's attendees, including the Coordinator of the General Directorate of Planning and Economic Policies, the Director of the Center for Development Policy Studies, a representative of the Directorate of Employment, and the Director of Promotion and Partnership of the National Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment (ANPEJ).

Unemployment among youth remains a critical challenge in Senegal, despite significant progress in recent years. 34% of the total population and 58% of people of working age are between the ages of 15 and 35. The majority of young people—90%, according to the team's findings—find themselves in the informal economy, which often means they lack job security, social protection, and benefits. This alarming trend highlights the pressing need for sustainable employment opportunities for young people in the country.

Dr. Malick Diallo and Mr. Abdoulaye Dièye presented findings and recommendations from the team's PEP project evaluating the impact of Youth Employment Policies in Senegal

The researchers explained that despite the government's efforts to address youth unemployment, the quality of jobs held by young people remains a major concern, particularly for young women and youths with disabilities who are more likely to work in precarious jobs and receive inadequate incomes. The research team recommends enhancing the coordination and strategic monitoring of youth employment programs, as well as increasing vocational training and financing to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

During the conference, Aliou Faye, the Director of the Center for Development Policy Studies (CEPOD), praised the research team's findings and indicated the need for the government to consider the results of the team's focus groups and interviews when implementing public employment programs. 

The team hopes that dissemination events like the national conference will help to increase the uptake of their research results by inspiring stakeholders to take on new initiatives and effectively implement their recommendations. 

Three journalists attended the event, including from one of the most popular news websites in Senegal,, who published a story on the team's research findings, underscoring the public interest in the team's results and recommendations.

The research team organized the event with financial and advisory support from PEP and the Mastercard Foundation.

national policy conference in Senegal, December 2022


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