Calling for a coordinated community approach to reduce maternal mortality in Zambia

October 28, 2021 | Zambia

A team of local PEP researchers held a national policy conference online to show how a coordinated approach to incentivising community-based volunteers can prompt pregnant women to seek care in health facilities.

October 28, 2021 – A team of local PEP researchers held an online national policy conference to share their recommendations for reducing maternal mortality in Zambia.

The team brought together policy stakeholders and advisors, academics, and representatives of civil society for the event. The key policy stakeholder in attendance was Patrick Banda, the Assistant Director Policy and Planning for the Ministry Of Health.

The PEP team presented findings and recommendations from their PEP project investigating the impact of community results-based financing on maternal health in Zambia

The team explained how strengthening community-level structures and mentorship alongside providing monetary incentives to volunteers at Neighbourhood Health Committees—groups who make the link between the community and health centres—can increase antenatal care visits and facility deliveries. 

Mr. Banda said: “This information will contribute to the growing body of knowledge on reducing maternal deaths in low-middle-income countries like Zambia and is a great resource to the Ministry for improving maternal health outcomes.

The research team organized the event with financial and advisory support from PEP. 


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