Ten new fellows selected for the Africa Fellows in Education Program

May 2024

PEP is pleased to announce the ten fellows selected to participate in the Africa Fellows in Education program (AFEP) 2024/2025.

PEP is pleased to announce the 2024/25 cohort of the Africa Fellows in Education Program (AFEP). 

Building upon the success of the first round of the fellowship, PEP and the Global Education Analytics Institute (GEAI have increased the program scope to support ten fellows for this second cohort (up from four in 2023/24).

A team of internal and external reviewers selected ten talented young candidates from among more than 110 applicants spanning Sub-Saharan Africa. The fellows are from four regions and eight countries of the sub-continent.

“This regional and country representation and the diversity in candidates' fields of specialisation show the program's inclusivity and breadth,” said Ramaele Moshoeshoe, Director of the AFEP.

Dr Moshoeshoe is enthusiastic about this new cohort, saying: “They are a group of highly talented young Africans working and/or strongly interested in advancing education policy research and evidence-informed advocacy in Africa.”

The 2024/25 fellows are:

The AFEP is an initiative to address the local capacity gap and enhance education decision-making processes across Sub-Saharan Africa. The program supports a network of Africa-based fellows on a two-year basis, equipping them with advanced skills in evaluating educational research, developing performance data, and engaging local stakeholders.

“This program offers a valuable opportunity to harness our collective expertise and dedication to drive meaningful change in the education sector."

- Thelma Obiakor

The fellows will not only identify and produce high-quality research for education decision-making, but they will also engage in active outreach to policymakers and civil society actors, advocating for analytically sound local policies.

“By the end of this Program, I expect to (i) be able to evaluate school performance and improve educational decision-making in Togo; (ii) actively engage with policymakers and civil society actors to address challenges in Togo’s education system, and (iii) be part of the global network of people who can develop rigorous evidence to shape educational public policy in Africa.”

- Etayibtalnam Koudjom.

This program aims to foster a network of Africa-based leaders who will join a global network of experts and help cultivate strong advocates for improving schools on the local level.

“I'm excited to attend excellent research conferences that will broaden my research networks for professional advancement in addition to exposing me to excellent information and approaches in doing educational research."

- Regean Mugume.

Dr Moshoeshoe also highlighted the importance of networking alongside the research in the program: “This two-year research and policy development fellowship will provide mentorship and introduce the Fellows to relevant research and analytical experiences and international networks of researchers and policy advisers."

PEP extends its sincere congratulations to this second cohort. We look forward to collaborating with the fellows to enhance their research expertise as they drive meaningful change within their communities.


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