2022 PEP Symposium: 20 years of promoting Southern-driven development

June 10, 2022 | Online

Join us online as we celebrate PEP's 20 years of promoting Southern-driven development, looking at PEP's impact, the lessons that informed our approach and discussing next steps.

June 10, 2022  |  12 – 2 p.m. UTC  |  Online 

The global research organisation we now know as the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) was originally founded as the “Poverty and Economic Policy research network” in 2002. While the wording of the name and mission may have changed, the acronym and the spirit of the organisation have been constant for two decades: PEP research promotes locally-led development throughout the Global South. 

In this time, PEP has supported over 400 research projects and over 1300 local researchers (50% of whom are women) in 64 countries throughout Africa, South and Central America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The nature of this support has also developed to make policy engagement as important as the scientific rigour for which PEP has always been known. Now, over 60% of PEP projects demonstrably inform policy debates and decisions.  

We invite you to join us on June 10, 2022, to celebrate PEP’s 20 years of promoting Southern-driven development. We will review highlights of PEP’s work and the impact this has had throughout the world. We will share the lessons that helped define our current approach. And we will honour the dedicated people who have played vital roles in building this unique organisation.

Looking forward, the event will also feature a panel discussion on next steps in promoting Southern-driven development. The panel of internationally respected researchers, all of whom have played a vital role within PEP, will explore how the organisation could and should evolve and respond to current and emerging development challenges. We will then open the discussion up to a public Question and Answer session. 

The Symposium is a public event that will conclude the activities of the 2022 PEP Annual Conference.


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Welcome remarks and official opening: Dominique van de Walle and Jane Mariara

20 Years of PEP: Impact, lessons and acknowledgements
  • Carol Newman - Impact of PEP: overview and testimonials

  • Jane Mariara - Lessons learned that defined PEP’s current approach

  • Honouring outstanding contributions

Break - 10 min

Panel discussion: Next steps in promoting Southern-driven development

45-minute discussion followed by a Q&A session

Closing remarks: Fred Carden

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