New online forum launches discussing child poverty

September 11, 2018

The Global Coalition to End Child Poverty launches a new online forum to discuss child poverty evidence and policy initiatives.

The Global Coalition to End Child Poverty (the “Coalition”) is delighted to announce the launch of an online discussion forum on child poverty, hosted by PEP. 

This forum aims to help policymakers, stakeholders and researchers share new evidence and policy/program initiatives relating to child monetary and multidimensional poverty. 

Topics already being discussed on the forum include: “How Does Climate Change Affect Children?” and “Child Poverty in High-income Countries”. 

Members of the Coalition will periodically launch discussions on new topics, but all forum members are invited to identify new topics of discussion relating to child monetary and/or multidimensional poverty, for which they have information (publications, newsletters, commentaries of more than 150 words, etc.) to share and seek input from the global community. 

Upcoming discussion topics will include: 

  • How poverty separates families 
  • Economic strengthening for poor families: what are the effects on children? 
  • How does poverty expose children to early marriages and child labour? 
  • Child poverty amidst armed conflict: Impacts and responses
  • Household economic strengthening as part of the WHO INSPIRE Framework

Forum registration is open to anyone interested by these issues. 

Learn how my make full use of the forum by reading the forum tutorial, or register to get started straight away. Once logged in, click on “Subscribe forum” in the bar at the bottom of the Child Poverty forum page to receive automatic email alerts when there are new posts. 

The Coalition and PEP are looking forward to your participation in this forum as part of collective efforts to eliminate child poverty.

Please note this forum is for users to exchange ideas. You should not expect PEP resource persons to respond. 
PEP-supported researchers should contact their mentor directly for any questions concerning their project. 
Please also note that PEP hosts a number of other boards (e.g. Gender, Poverty, etc.) but that these are not yet fully active and will be publicly launched at a later date.



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