Learning and Knowledge Management Project (LKMP)

With funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC), PEP has launched the Learning and Knowledge Management Project (LKMP), a four-year initiative from October 2022 to December 2026. 

The LKMP aims to strengthen the capacity of Canadian small and medium organizations (SMOs) and their local partners, enabling them to evaluate and enhance their interventions' impact on living conditions, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Through the collection and production of evidence demonstrating the various SMO-led development interventions on living conditions, gender equality and women and girls' empowerment, PEP will draw valuable insights from current scientific literature and also undertake a series of scientific evaluations. These evaluations will assess the impact of up to seven "subprojects" supported by GAC under the SMO for Innovation and Impact Initiative, with an emphasis on gender equality outcomes. These studies will deliver a comprehensive view of the projects' impact using feminist and human rights-based approaches.

Alongside impact evaluations, the LKMP's critical focus is the development and strengthening of the capacity of Canadian SMOs and their local partner organizations. To achieve this goal, we will organize various activities to facilitate information exchange. This includes providing online training and mentorship in operational knowledge, specifically focusing on the technical aspects of rigorous monitoring and evaluation methodologies.

Strengthening SMOs through knowledge sharing and resource development

To ensure the effectiveness of these interventions, PEP will develop tools and documents designed to assist SMOs in refining their intervention design and evaluation practices. These resources, available to all, will primarily synthesize the recommendations drawn from PEP's assessments that will follow a knowledge-to-action translation model. Further, PEP will organize or support a series of knowledge-sharing activities and an online platform to share lessons learned from the initiative.

By focusing on gender equality, living conditions, and empowering women and girls, PEP believes that the LKMP will generate invaluable insights and provide practical tools for Canadian SMOs and their local partners. This project hopes to strengthen policy responses and help address systemic barriers.


Baseline Survey Dissemination Brief

The Baseline Survey Dissemination Brief provides key findings drawn from data collected in July and August 2023. It sheds light on key aspects such as the use of research-based evidence, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) practices, and the dynamics of stakeholder engagement.

Download the brief (PDF) in English or French:

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