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PEP in your language

Disclaimer: PEP is not responsible for the quality of browser-translated content. 
View the website in its original language for the most accurate information.

To consult the PEP website in another language, we suggest using the Chrome web browser, which we believe provides the best translations.



Visit to download Chrome, and for instructions and more information. 
Scroll to the bottom of the page to select your language, if needed.

Translating with Chrome

Chrome automatically offers to translate pages that are not in the language of your browser setting. Find out more.

You can also click the translation icon that appears when browsing pages or sites in foreign languages.



Firefox users also have access to browser-based translation tools. We do not recommend using Firefox to translate the PEP website.

Install Firefox

Translating with Firefox

There are at least two Firefox “add-ons” provided by private individuals (not Firefox):

We do not guarantee the safety or quality of these add-ons.


To use Google Translator for Firefox click "Add to Firefox"


Once added, click the "T" icon in the top right-hand corner


The translation will open in a new tab where you can choose the translation language

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