Labor markets and employment

As of 2020, PEP has supported over 130 projects in 46 different countries that primarily investigate labor markets and labor market policies, including 44 projects in low-income economies or fragile/conflict situations. 

PEP research on labor markets was strengthened through the Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment (PAGE) initiatives (2012-2021).

PEP support includes training in cutting-edge methodologies for policy analysis and mentorship for policy outreach provided by international field experts.

As PEP researchers consult with policy actors at every stage of the research process, the studies explore priority issues for their country. PEP’s combination of scientific and policy outreach support works to link new and reliable knowledge to policy action.

The findings from a number of PEP projects focused on labor markets have already helped inform policies in their target countries. Some of these stories are reported as part of the PEP impact brief series

A number of common trends emerged from the findings of these projects, summarized in the following articles:

All PEP projects investigating labor markets and labor market policies are listed below, as are the project publications and the PEP researchers involved. These lists are searchable.


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