Find out about the initiative on Climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa: Impacts and responses for women and girls


Launch call for proposals  


Deadline to submit Research Proposal  

Notification of longlisted proposals

PEP comments shared for revision of longlisted proposals

14-Oct-20 Deadline to submit revised proposals and government validation letter  
28-Oct-20 Notification of shortlisted proposals  
09-Nov-20 Online course registration deadline for shortlisted team members (and up to two substitute researchers per team)  
January-April 2021 Shortlisted team members complete the assigned (mandatory for research team members) PEP online course  
April 2021 Shortlisted teams with at least four research members who have successfully completed the online course are invited to present their project proposal at the 2021 PEP Annual Conference  
June 2021

PEP Annual Conference




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