Guidelines for submitting a CBMS proposal

Download the 2013 PAGE-CBMS Grants Manual.

The call for proposals is done electronically, using announcements on the PEP website and circulated via emails through its extensive network of individual members and partner/other institutions.
Through the selection process, potential CBMS grantees may also be invited to present the proposal on the development of a CBMS in their respective country, during a pre-scheduled interim meeting/training workshop of the CBMS network.  It is in the said activity where potential grantees are able to learn from ongoing CBMS initiatives, interact with other existing network members and its pool of resource persons, as well as to obtain the necessary basic tools for the development of a more detailed proposal on CBMS.

Who can apply?

Considering the nature of the research project, the grants are given to institutions, and not to individuals. The institutions should be based in developing countries.

Necessary Information:

The proposal should essentially contain information on the following:

  • Relevance of the monitoring system
    • Rationale/context for the implementation of the project
    • Institutional framework in the country where the proposed system will be implemented
    • Difference of the proposed project with on-going or related initiatives
    • Policy research questions to be answered using the data that will be collected
  • Proposed methodology
    • List of Indicators to be Monitored
    • Data Collection
    • Data Processing
    • Data Validation
  • Dissemination Strategy
    • Target users of research results
    • Modes and frequency of dissemination of research results
    • Publication
    • Website
    • Workshops/Conferences
  • Institutional Arrangements
    • Background information on administering institution
    • Composition of the Project Team
    • Project Leader
    • Researchers
    • Research and Policy Advisory Council
  • Timetable of Activities
  • Budget

(Refer to the 2013 PAGE-CBMS Grants Manual-Annex A)

How to submit a proposal?

You must submit your proposal using the PEP website “intranet system”, from October 16 to March 10, 2013. 
Here are the steps to follow:
ALL members of the applicant team must first register on the PEP website, before submitting a new proposal. To register, click on "Register" (see also top right corner of the PEP website header above, next to "Login") and follow the instructions. 
You will receive a username and password by email, normally within minutes, that will allow you to access your PEP intranet file, by clicking on the Login button (again, top right corner above). Note that you can change your password yourself, through your personal intranet profile, anytime. 
ALL members of the applicant team must post their personal CV in their PEP intranet file. To do this, each member should "Login" to the PEP website and then select "Profile" and "Upload CV". We also strongly encourage applicants to fill out their profile with as much detail as possible (including photo, short bio, etc.). 
To then submit the proposal, the team leader must login, click on "Submit New Proposal" and fill out the required information, using the proposal templates (to upload when completed) as provided below - see "content of proposals".
When all is done, to make sure that the proposal has been successfully submitted to PEP, return to your PEP intranet file and click on "My Projects".
If you have difficulty completing the steps above, please consult our FAQ page. If you do not find your answer, please contact us at for assistance

Format of the Proposal:

For information on how the proposal should be written, please refer to the 2013 PAGE-CBMS Grants Manual (updated October 2013).

For further information, contact:

CBMS International Network Coordinating Team Office (PEP Asia)
10th Floor, Angelo King International Center
Estrada Street corner Arellano Avenue, Malate, Manila 1004, Philippines

Tel. No : (632) 526-2067 (direct) ; (632) 524-3333 (trunkline)
Fax : (632) 526-2067/ 5245347



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