Guide to PEP Technical Reports

All PEP-supported research teams are required to fill out and update their project technical report, periodically, as a condition for the release of each grant payment tranche.

The reports, which comprise several forms, must be completed online via your project space on the PEP intranet.

Please contact our Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator at if you have problems completing your technical reports.


Step 1

To log in to the PEP intranet, click on "Login" in the bar at the top of this page or go to

Enter your Username (the email address you used to register) and Password

Step 2

Click on the "My workspace" menu and then on "Project". 

A table showing your current project will appear. Click on the project number (e.g. PMMA-20149)

Step 3

Click on "Technical reports". A new menu will appear below with links to the various technical report forms.

Technical Reports tab

There are technical reports for:

  • Capacity building*
  • Consultation
  • Dissemination
  • Impact
  • National Policy Conference
  • International Conference

* All team members must complete the Capacity Building report. All other reports should be completed by one designated team member.

To know when to fill in the various Technical Reports, consult the Important Dates for your program. Our Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will also be in touch to alert you to upcoming deadlines.


Using PEP technical report forms


Do not forget to click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the page after completing/adding information to the forms, otherwise the information you have entered will be lost.

Capacity Building

EACH MEMBER of the research team must fill in the Capacity Building form.

  • You cannot view the other team members' forms via your personal PEP account.


Section 1 - Your profile and contributions

The profile information is filled automatically by the system based on information in your PEP personal profile. Make sure is accurate and up-to-date.

Report your (expected and/or achieved) individual contributions to the project in terms of:

  • Technical/scientific aspects of the research work (including literature review, data cleaning, etc.)
  • Policy engagement and research communications to maximize chances of impact/influence of your research

Break down these contributions into the various tasks involved/achieved.

  • Use the plus sign (+) to add new boxes (this will create a list of your individual tasks/contributions)

Note: You will update this list regularly, as your contributions to the project expand and and evolve.


Section 2 - Your personal knowledge gains

List the main types of knowledge and skills you have gained SO FAR in terms of:

  • Research capacity (technical/scientific knowledge) 
  • Policy engagement and research communication 

For each item of both categories:

  1. Select the "type of knowledge/skills" from the drop-down menu (top-left side of each subsection) and briefly describe the knowledge or skills you have gained in the text box to the right.
  2. Report whether you have had the opportunity to 1) use this knowledge in other research work or 2) share or transfer the knowledge to peers.
    If not, leave the button on "no" and move onto the next section.
    If you have, click on the button to change it to "yes", and briefly explain in the text box underneath.

  3. Click the plus sign (+) at the end of the subsection to add a new type of knowledge in either category.

Repeat these steps as many times as necessary, and revisit this section to add updates.


Section 3 - "Demand for expertise"

Report whether (from your perspective) there is demand in your country for the kind of expertise/capacity that you have sought to gain through PEP. 

If not, go to the next section. Note: If the situation changes at any point during the course of your project, you can change your answer to "Yes".

If there is demand, select "Yes" and: 

  1. Explain what you mean (including the source of this demand) in the text box immediately underneath the Yes/No button
  2. Describe your perception of how this demand has evolved since the beginning of your PEP project: select "increase", "decrease" or "stable" from the drop-down menu and type an explanation.
  3. If you selected "increase" in part 2, report on whether you think your project activities may have contributed to this increase and explain.

Note: Steps 2 and 3 may only be relevant towards the end of the project cycle. Fill out/up date this section when it is relevant. 


Section 4 - Career events and new research grants

Use the same process as in the earlier sections. Click on the plus (+) button to add a box for each career event.

The same applies for the Anecdote and New Research Grant categories.


Click submit to save your changes


Only ONE (designated) team member can complete the Consultations form for your team

  • Mandate one member of your team to be responsible for completing the technical reports
    • Only the person who completes the form can see the contents, it will appear empty for all other team members
    • Except for Capacity Building, which must be completed by all team members 

Use this form to describe your consultations to date. You should update this form as needed.

  • Use the + Add an institution button at the end of the page (see screenshot) to generate one form per institution/stakeholder you have consulted 
  • Make sure that all meetings with people from the same institution are reported in the same form
    • Use the "+" button at the end of each subsection to add more representatives and events related to that institution as needed.

Only report the institutions, representatives and events that you consider relevant to the potential influence of your findings on strategic decisions.

Click submit to save your changes

Consultations form screenshot



Only ONE (designated) team member can complete the Dissemination form for your team

  • Mandate one member of your team to be responsible for completing the technical reports
    • Only the person who completes the form can see the contents, it will appear empty for all other team members
    • Except for Capacity Building, which must be completed by all team members 

You may be asked to complete this report in stages as your project progresses.

  1. Upload the outline of your preliminary dissemination strategy (PDF or Word file)
    • Use the PEP template shared with you for this purpose
    • Note that the Working Paper and Policy Brief are mandatory deliverables and producing these is not part of your project-specific strategy
    • Find out more about PEP's support and expectations for dissemination
  2. List all the strategic contacts whom you have identified and engaged to help disseminate your findings
    • These may include media resources or personal contacts who will help you reach your target research users
  3. Add information relevant to any of the other sections as applicable, including:
    • Discussion/presentation of your project or findings at a public dissemination event
    • Discussion/presentation of your project or findings during a direct policy advisory meeting
    • Your project or findings are reported in the media or by another institution
Click submit to save your changes


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