Guides and Templates

On this page you will find PEP guides and/or templates for each stage of the research cycle—from project proposal to dissemination of findings and recommendations—as well as PEP's institutional policies.

Grants Manuals

PEP Grants Manual for non-experimental projects. Updated October 2021

Experimental Research intitiatives

Fostering Autonomous Local Impact Evaluations for Policymaking

FALIEP Grants Manual updated March 2022

Strengthening Impact Evaluation Capacities for Development

SIECD Grants Manual updated March 2022

Impact Evaluation Government Mentoring Program

IE Mentoring Grants Manual updated June 2019


Templates & Guides

Non-experimental project proposals

Proposal template for non-experimental projects

Proposal guidelines


Guide for team leaders of PEP-supported research projects 

Guide for how to submit a revised research proposal

Experimental Research projects

Expression of interest (EOI) template for projects using an RCT

Guide to preparing an EOI using RCT


Proposal template for Field Experiments

Guide to preparing a Field Experiment proposal


Guide for team leaders of PEP-supported research projects 

Guide for how to submit a revised research proposal


After selection:

Pre-analysis Plan (Word file)

Publication Strategy for SIECD and FALIEP projects (Word file)

Interim Reports


Interim reports should include the results for all of the analysis planned in the accepted proposal.


The goal is to prove that your project is progressing satisfactorily and that it can be reasonably assumed that your team will be able to prepare a final report in time for presentation at the next PEP annual conference.


Please use the Final Report/Working Paper template relevant to your research method (below).

Submission guide

Final Report and Working Paper

Template for CGE modeling projects

Template for Experimental Research projects

Templates for Microeconomic Analysis projects:

Word (.doc)

Overleaf/LaTex (zipped file) Teams wishing to work in Overleaf should contact with their mentor who will invite them to an Overleaf project

Make sure to include the correct acknowledgement. Refer to section A3 of your Research Support Grant Agreement beginning, “This work was carried out with financial and scientific support from the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)”.

Submission guide

Policy Paper & Policy Brief

Policy Paper template

Stakeholder matrix and engagement strategy


Policy Brief guidelines


Guide for building a policy influence plan or strategy 

Slide Presentation

Proposal presentation template

  • Use of this template is mandatory for applicants invited to present a proposal during a PEP annual conference
  • See also guidelines for presenting a research proposal at a PEP annual conference

Final Report or Working Paper presentation

  • Use of this template is mandatory when presenting PEP research results at a PEP annual conference or study visit.
  • See also guidelines for presenting a final report at a PEP annual conference

Generic external event presentation template 

  • Use of this template is mandatory if your participation is funded by PEP. 
  • For National Policy Conferences and International Conferences, please see specific sections below.

Study Visit

Application for study visits

National Policy Conference

Application for National Policy Conference grants

Guidelines for submitting a National Policy Conference grant application

Please download and use the PPT template and logos package for your research program:

International Conferences

Participation grant

In-person event application

Online event application


External event presentation template Use of this template is mandatory if your participation is funded by PEP.

Technical Reports

Fill in online in your PEP project's intranet space.

See the tutorial


How to write a professional biography for your PEP profile: Guide

How to incorporate a Gender Perspective into Economic Research: Article

For guidance on publishing and communicating research, please that section of the PEP website.

Institutional policies

Acknowledgement texts

Conflict of Interest Policy 

Intellectual Property Statement 

Open Access and Data Policy

Penalty Policy




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