A few comments

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A few comments

Post by frmarche » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:48 pm

Thanks for the presentation.
A few comments, based on the presentation only (I could not read the proposal):
- You argue you want to see “if gender affects the probability to access to credit”. Most microcredit programs are specifically targeted towards women. How do you deal with targeting?
- When estimating multinomial logit to model the likelihood of the household being into either of three credit-constrained status, you could have a problem of reverse causality. Access to credit can influence your control variables (i.e. land size, agricultural production…).
- Data: figure 1 show that only 8% of women are farmers. How do you compute this percentage? Do you use household headship?
- It is not clear to me how you can talk about credit constraint men and women, since you measure credit constraint status at a household level. Please clarify.
- Why don't using more the data at the individual level instead than at the household level?


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