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This is an important as well as interesting topic for research. However, authors need to take into consideration the following points for revision of the proposal.
1. Authors need to mention clearly whether they consider the movement of women workers from informal sector to formal sector or from unemployment to formal sector. Moreover, how will they capture this movement in their CGE model? Will they include ‘unemployment’ in the model?
2. Women often chose not to join in the workforce voluntarily due to their essential household activities which are generally non-market activities. How these non-market activities can be captured in the model?
3. Authors mentioned in the proposal that the latest available SAM for the country is for the year 2007, which certainly needs to be updated for the study.
4. The proposal should clearly mention about which variable needs to be shocked for the analysis to accomplish the objective, which is not clear in the present form of the proposal.
5. It is also important to mention how the different elasticity by gender will be estimated for different jobs.


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