comments on the proposal

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comments on the proposal

Post by tulika » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:22 pm

My comments on the proposal are as follows.

1. Effect of wage subsidy is not immediate, which implies that dynamic CGE model is appropriate to determine its impact. Although there is no mention of this in the proposal.

2. Women's employment depends on several socioeconomic factors like societal barrier, child care responsibilities etc. Are you going to capture those aspects while examining women's employment aspect or not?

3. The SAM mentioned in the proposal is quite dated. How does that SAM reflect the current scenario? Are you going to update the existing SAM or use the existing one only?

4. You have mentioned in your proposal that you want to incorporate leisure activities in your SAM. Since a SAM represents expenditure and receipt account for each of the entries, how will you incorporate leisure activities explicitly with respect to both expenditure and receipt?


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