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Comments on the paper_Abdul Malik Iddrisu

Post by Abdul Malik Iddrisu » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:06 am

Many thanks, Dora for your very interesting presentation.
I have also read your proposal. And, these are my general observations regarding your proposal:
(1) On the policy front, I think this proposal is an important area to look at as it demonstrates a strong potential to provide an understanding of the developmental effects of conflicts and the rebuilding efforts undertaken by the Colombian government through the signing of the peace treaty as well as resources allocation towards conflict affected areas.
(2) However, I think the following issues can be taken into account in order to enhance the quality of the work:
- the problem statement seems unclearly spelt out and so the researchers should try to revise this section in their subsequent development of the work.
- the literature review section of the work contains some information that may fit well in the definition of the research problem section of the work. Eg. the first 1 to 2 paragraphs of the literature review section could fit more appropriately under the research problem section.
- the empirical justification of the study does not come out clear in the proposal. As such, the researchers may take their time to develop this issue more deeply in their subsequent revisions of the work. Eg. given that the study by Arias et al. (2017) examined the effect of conflict on agricultural production in Colombia, how does this present study differ from the work of Arias et al.??
- again, under the literature review section of the work I observe that the researchers have discussed a number of different issues which may benefit from appropriate sectioning through the use of sub-titles/headings.
- regarding the methodological approach of the study, i think the researchers may have to think carefully about the functional forms that they intend to use. Eg. the researchers specified that composite land will be disaggregated into land and fertilizer following a CES functional form. I do not think, I am an expert in CGE modelling, at least for now, but I am not very sure about the appropriateness of this functional form - am sure the experts (Prof. Bernard Decaluwe, Dr. Lulit Mitik, among others)in the field can advice you on that.
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