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Comments on Paper_Maliha Abubakari

Post by Maliha Abubakari » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:49 am

1. Firstly, I find the paper easy to read and also very interesting and relevant in the context of Colombia as it is currently engaged in a post-conflict reconstruction.

2. The literature review mainly concentrated on theoretical review by attempting to link the performance of the agric sector with conflict. Of course, the researchers will have to add more empirical literature .

3. do you intend to perform a more dis aggregated analysis of the policy reform at the rural and urban levels. will you be analyzing households via quin-tiles, of so, do you think it will be appropriate to include micro simulation analysis to the study

4. finally, women constitute a significant part of civilians affected in conflicts. I recommend it will be interesting to add a gender dimension to the study by analyzing the impact of the policy on women farmers in both rural and urban areas/ conflict affected and non-affected areas.


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