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Post by Bupe simuchimba » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:10 am

Here are my few observations from your proposal:
Based on the information provided in the proposal; the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Program (CPEC) is a massive project that comprises of several projects, as researchers you have requested assistance in deciding which programs to model. I believe that this will depend on your objectives and data availability. It also depends on what the priorities are based on your involvement in the project as well as what you have picked up from your working closely with other people involved in this project. You can also decide this based on your interactions with various policy makers or the ministry (as they have approached you). Once this is established it will be easier to know what needs to be done in terms of modelling.
As you have not fully decided on the programs to model, it has had implications on the methodology. Under this methodology, you will need to consider whether you will have a micro-simulation as well as dynamics included in the model. I believe the decision should be made while bearing in mind the amount of work required and the needed data. It will also depend on your objectives.

All the objectives that you have stated can be modelled but will require some extension of some sort to the standard model in order to achieve them. For example, if you want to measure the effect on women you need to use an engendered SAM; if you want to capture the knock on impact of Chinese investment you may need to consider whether you will need to divide investment in terms of Chinese and non-Chinese investment.
Further, you may need to look at a wide range of literature covering your various objectives. One such literature is a paper that was presented at the conference based on Mongolia. In this paper, they included separate accounts for the transport and energy sectors. This will be beneficial for your work as the CPEC program involves an upgrading of these sectors and will be something that will need to be modelled.


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