Comments on the final report

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Comments on the final report

Post by asiyamaskaeva » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:58 am

Dear Team 20030,

Kindly receive my comments on your final report. I hope they will help you.

The report addresses an important topic that is closely linked to the industrialization development and economic policy of Ethiopia. The sets of results are very promising with regard to their novelty.

There is a main focus on the economy-wide effect of industrial resource allocation that would induce economic growth and which could enhance the welfare of the society. Arithmetic and linear combination usage for the growth rates measurement of income among poor and non-poor households attaches the special scientific value of this research.

The analysis has the potential of yielding some interesting insights. However, this potential is not fully (but nearly) realized in the current version, and some additional work will be necessary before the paper can be published, specifically explanation/description of the research results (for instance, Tables: 7,8, 10).

Some parts in Chapter 3 “Method of the study” are repeated in Chapter 5 “Model development”, particularly poverty and income measurement approach.

Authors indicate in Chapter 5 “Model development” that separate tax has been introduced in the SAM. Please be more detailed concerning tax accounts in the SAM. In addition to this, the second Simulation scenario does not mention what type of tax increases by 5%? This could be seen from the SAM description, which is missing.

Good wishes,


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