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Welcome to the Child Poverty Forum, curated by the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty and PEP

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:33 pm
by John Cockburn
Dear researchers, policy makers and others interested in child poverty issues,

Welcome to the Child Poverty forum, in which we hope you will all actively contribute and benefit!
The forum welcomes contributions (policy briefs, articles, other publications, newsletters, commentaries, etc.) and questions relating to policy research on child monetary poverty and child multidimensional deprivation, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 1. The forum is moderated by PEP and the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, which is a global initiative to raise awareness about children living in poverty across the world and support global and national action to alleviate it.

We look forward to a dynamic exchange of ideas for the betterment of children!

John Cockburn, moderator