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a few comments

Post by Luca Tiberti » Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:39 am

Dear Albert and team,
many thanks for your presentation. Here below a few comments:
- Regarding data, if you finally come up with accessing the second wave, how do you intend to use the two waves? in a pooled data setting?
- As for the identification of the non-farm participation effect, I believe that a more straightforward and, probably, convincing strategy, would a typical endogenous switching regression model, where the “regime” would be “being in non-farm sector” or not. As the exclusion restrictions, I am not sure that the proposed instruments could be a valid ones. For example, “access to market” seems to affect welfare (consumption) directly; also, the “intergenerational effects that influence non-farm participation” is unclear.
- The gender analysis looks too weak, as it does not seem to go beyond the control variable “gender”. A couple of options would be to look at the effects of non-farm participation by men and women separately; another option might be to estimate the non-farm participation effect on individual poverty (poverty is measured at the household level but methods developped in the collective modelling literature may help to estimate individual poverty).


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