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Comments from Nigerian Discussants

Post by Opeoluwatosin » Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:11 am

Overall, l think it's an interesting research that will produce useful insights for government on intervention implementation for South African. Especially with the proposed public sector disaggregation.
1. The specific research questions remain too broad and my challenge is that the authors are proposing to do too much. Can this be better streamlined and made more specific?

2. It is also not clear the interventions and infrastructure to be investigated. Will focus be on water, energy, road, etc infrastructure or the work will look at all. This should be spelt out clearly especially in line with the government plan for rural economy document the authors talked about.

3. Better insights should be provided on how the simulations will be carried out. It still appears too broad and ambiguous

4. Are the authors certain about the ability and availability of data for the public sector disaggregation? If this is possible, it will be a valuable addition

5. Also, there was no clear indication about the farm versus non farm employment in the methodology as previously indicated earlier in the work

6. Is there a specific justification for the use of IFPRI SAM? Is it because there is already one in South African form?

7. The presenter mentioned that in many countries, women are significant actors in the agriculture sector and rural development. Will it be important to state in what ways they contribute significantly, also citing literature stating exactly the impacts women have made and possibly name the countries as well. This was done in the following paragraph where the authors talked about China.

Thank you and all the best


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