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1. Scientific contribution: The proposal will use a SAM and CGE model already developed under an MPIA project lead by one of the team members. The contribution is thus limited. You may want to take that as a starting point and build-up a gender focused model.
2. Policy relevance: The study will highlight which sector are likely to be more affected by more (or less) electricity supply. The gender component is not enough as it does not focus on the household and the impact of more electricity on female (and male) domestic work for example. This is really an area you could focus on. What are the energy sources in a typical Nigerian household? What does this mean for women?
3. Methodology: The methodology is adequate but not enough as mainly relying on a model developed during the past year by one of the team members. This can be an advantage. You will have more time to work on the specificity of the model to address the energy policy in a gender context.


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