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feedback on presentation

Post by Marzia Fontana » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:11 am

How can more and better electricity provision reduce gender inequalities?

The many channels through which electricity may differently affect women and men need to be clearly spelt out ( e.g. impact on health; on the allocation of time between paid and unpaid work; on the productivity of SMEs run by women etc.) . Will electrification also contribute to reduce inequalities between rural and urban areas?
Can you please provide a clearer framework, perhaps in the form of a diagram or map, that describes channels of transmission? And why some effects might be felt more by some groups of women?

You show that overall female labour force participation is fairly low in Nigeria (below 50 %). How does the literature explain this? Possible causes? You should use insights from this literature to better design your model and policy questions.


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