a few comments and suggestions

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a few comments and suggestions

Post by Luca Tiberti » Fri May 31, 2019 4:21 pm

Thanks for your presentation! Let me share a few suggestions and comments (that we already discussed):

- individuals still at school are excluded from the analysis: this is, unfortunately, another source of selection bias. While I am not suggesting you to introduce a 4th (!) equation in your estimation, but I encourage you to discuss and justify well this issue and choice in the paper;
- I would run a separate analysis looking just at those who did entrepreneurship or work during holidays and breaks. I expect that the effect may be different;
- IV: I find that the IVs are not convincing enough. First, discuss them theoretically (you must have a convincing economic argument). Then, I understand that students at primary and secondary schools experienced a reform (i.e., reduction of school fees): as discussed, I suggest you follow the approach by Duflo (enclosed) and use the exposition to the intensity of the reform as an instrument.
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