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Comments PMMA 20272

Post by Hilary C. Hazele » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:10 am

The topic is a very interesting one. However, the lack of theoretical and contextual framework outline in the beginning makes it very difficult for a reader to clearly follow the flow of your proposal and appreciate the model you have chosen to use. Consequently it is not clear how micro credit links with enterprise performance.
At the same time, there is a continuous interchange of youth enterprise performance and youth entrepreneurship.
There is also the question of suitability of the data targeted to be used. You mention in your paper that the data was collected for a specific purpose of evaluating willingness to formalize. You also mention that during the study that collected the data you intend to use enterprises that are formalized were dropped from the sample leaving only informal sector. By nature informal enterprises have challenges in accessing credit and this may create a problem that could bias the results if you are looking at how credit impacts enterprise performance yet your data set if of firms that already are not really accessing credit, unless the study is looking at the impact of micro credit access rather than credit uptake (bearing in mind there can be a difference between studying access or studying uptake of credit)
The proposal can be improved greatly by explicitly identifying the actual variables of study so that you use them in explaining your model rather than just giving the model expressions in abstract.


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