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Comments PMMA 20272

Post by Mariera » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:39 am

1. Scientific contribution
The proposal is definitely of interest to the general public, however, the introduction focuses more on existing literature as opposed to highlighting the nature of youth unemployment and linking it to credit constraints in Africa and Benin in particular, which would underscore the main problem.​ ​the introduction should clearly state the main objective of the study and the contribution of the study.​
2. Policy Relevance
The policy relevance of the paper is missing. For instance, what are the current policies in youth unemployment in Benin, what have they achieved, what is the time frame of these policies?
3. Methodology
From the data section, it seems as if the data was collected from an RCT already, if this is the case, RCT is the gold standard and ATE or ITT could be estimated reliably? We need a clarification on this.​
4. Literature
There may be relevant literature from West Africa on youth unemployment and credit constraints in general, please search for these and add them here for the authors to refer if necessary.​


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