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Marcelo Bergolo
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Comment on project 20279

Post by Marcelo Bergolo » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:33 pm

Hello Veronica,

Congrats on this interesting proposal and thanks for the effort that the team has put on it!

I have a couple of comments.

The first is that in your proposal the definition of job quality is too broad and undoubtedly vague (wages, hours, contractual status....etc.). The literature on labor economics is more concrete about what means job quality (e.g., low pay jobs). You should restrict the definition by taking one or two dimensions or directly working on a composite index (e,g., as the case of Kyrgyzstan proposal on employment vulnerability).

Second, find attached a paper by Hoynes and co-author published in JPeEcs that exploits the time of exposure to a policy by using both a traditional dif in dif and an event-study approach.

Best wishes
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