a few comments

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a few comments

Post by Luca Tiberti » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:27 pm

Thanks for your presentation! A few notes and remarks (at least based on the presentation):
- Which are the exclusion variables in the multinomial endogenous switching model (MESM)?
- PSM and MESM have two opposite underlying identification hypotheses (selection based on observables and unobservable respectively). Strategically (in view of a journal submission), to me it is not a good idea to have the two. If you absolutely want to keep the two estimates, then you clear state which is the “preferred” approach (I guess the MESM) and move the other (PSM) to the appendix (simply as a robustness check – fortunately results go in the same direction, although they differ in their magnitude)
- Which are the explanatory variables used to estimate the PSM? Did you discuss how the CIA hypothesis is satisfied?


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