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minor comments

Post by jdavalos » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:25 am

+Please correct your explanation of Bourguignon's approach. You mention the inclusion of Inverse Mills ratios. This is wrong. These are correction terms, not Inverse mills ratios.
+ your tables should be self-explanatory e.g. Table 6 does not explain what is the main outcome.
+ Your methodological section gives undeserved credit to Bourguignon's paper. Read it carefully and you will find that it is making an extension to Dubin and McFadden approach and testing the accuracy of alternative estimator.
+ Equation (6) does not even correspond to Bourguignon extension but to Dubin and McFadden's! It is the particular case where the sum of correlations equals 0. Which is in fact the less recommended method by Bourguingnon's simulation study.

I am not sure whether this is due to poor edition or to fundamental issues. In either case, they should be revised.


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