Investing strategically to protect women from the effects of climate change in Burkina Faso

Women farming

Millions of people have been affected by climate shocks in Burkina Faso over the last 50 years. In 2015, the government implemented the National [climate change] Adaptation Plan (PNA) to protect water resources and ecosystems, ensure food security, and protect the population from extreme weather events. However, the results so far have been limited. A team of local PEP researchers found that while climate change-related shocks are detrimental to the economic activities of both men and women, but the impact on poverty incidence is greater among women. The situation is not helped by the PNA as it does not contain any specific measures to reduce gender inequalities. The research team thus identified focusing investments on the development of irrigation and rural roads as priority areas that can counteract the adverse economic effects of climate shocks, particularly on female poverty. Find out more about the research methods, findings and policy recommendations in the following PEP publications:

Burkina Faso
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